About the Vapor Guard for Hot Tub Covers

Spa Covers have been constructed in just about the same way for over 30 years now. Virtually every company wraps a foam board (for insulation) in a plastic (polyethylene) wrap in attempts to keep the water vapor from reaching the foam board. Initially it provides good protection against the spa water, but over time and constant exposure to chemicals and high heat from your spa, the plastic will deteriorate and let water vapor pass through. Your foam board will eventually retain that moisture, become heavy, and stop insulating almost altogether.

Our new “Vapor Guard” (an aluminum laminate) creates a positive vapor barrier. It is designed to repel any moisture or water vapor from passing through, even while under the extreme conditions that are present within your hot tub. By repelling the water vapor, “Vapor Guard” is able to keep any moisture from reaching the foam board in your cover, and allows it to maintain its original weight and insulation value.

Utilizing aluminum for applications in radiant barrier and vapor barriers is no novel concept.

NASA has used radiant barrier in its space suits since the 1950's to keep astronauts safe from extreme temperature changes by reflecting their own body heat back inside the suit to keep them warm while simultaneously reflecting the sun's potentially deadly direct radiation outside of their suits to keep them safe, cool, and unharmed.

The U.S. Military has used aluminum laminate since the 1960's to package and preserve dehydrated food, aka MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat). The laminate keeps moisture out of the packaging and away from the food so it will keep longer and be safe to eat long after it's been packaged.

Vapor Guard BarrierMany companies have been using radiant barrier inside homes and commercial buildings for years in order to insulate the buildings much more effectively and allowing for a much greater savings on energy bills.

By implementing this time tested and proven technology into our spa covers, we are able to extend the life of your cover and keep it lightweight while you save money on your bills. All of which is done by reflecting heat and moisture back inside the spa, away from the foam board inside your cover.

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